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Our Vineyard

We have found Nysa, with its fabulous fruit trees and vineyards, in Oregon. Through our Pinot noir wines we offer you a taste of its gift.

The Story of Nysa

Dionysus' mortal mother, Semele, was so beautiful that Zeus could not keep from spending many evenings with her away from his wife Hera. Hera took her revenge on his lust by putting in Semele's mind the demand to see her lover Zeus in his true form, as God, and not disguised as her handsome night visitor.

Semele held her affections one night until Zeus pledged an oath on the river Styx to grant whatever she requested; the next morning she awaited her lover's promise. Hera knew no mortal would live once they saw God unveiled. Sadly, Zeus fulfilled his solemn pledge and Semele instantly died.

But Zeus snatched from her womb the unborn product of their joy, Dionysus. Hiding the fetus from Hera in his thigh was possible for only a short time. He gave the child to Hermes to hide away in Nysa, a land of mythic beauty, where seven nymphs of divine descent (Ambrosia, Eudora, Phaisyle, Koronis, Polyxo, and Thyone) raised the half god to manhood.


Surrounded by the beauties of Nysa with its fabulous fruit trees and vineyards, leafy evergreens in which birds sing more enchantingly than any man-made music, the youth was indulged by those forever young, lithe-limbed, nymphs who were often dancing, and racing, and making vigorous love with Satyrs. Perhaps growing up in that paradise, learning the art of the vine, motivated him to share its pleasures with us mortals.